The Charity

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The Boiler House isn’t just a pretty space!

People know the Boiler House mainly for our venues, offering an array of fantastic, affordable activities and a place to hire and meet. What people don’t often know is that we are a charity; all of our income goes back into the community, as well as supporting the running of the charity.

Over the past few years we’ve worked with residents, local organisations and trainers to design and deliver various community projects and activities. All of which aim to build happier, healthier communities and enhance community relationships.

What we’re currently working on and sourcing funding for…

We are setting up a new nursery! This will be run by professional, qualified early years staff, including an early years teacher. We hope to open around March – April 2015 next  (all going to plan). All profits will go back into the community and will help fund staff, volunteers and future projects via the charity.

We are also continuing to find funding to develop our youth programme as well as hosting the annual Christmas sing-a-long with SNUG. Watch this space for more information!

To give you more of an idea, here are a few of the projects we have recently run…

YPsYouth Work 

We have been working with local young people, mainly around the George Downing Estate, N16. We are still sourcing funding to develop and deliver a youth programme designed by them. Part of this project includes expanding our office space to provide a more consistent and open place for them to drop in and gain support.

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 Youth Film and Photo Journalism course 

The course was part of the Hackney Museum ‘Side by Side’ project which focused on the Cazenove Area. It was run by two professional trainers specialising in film and photography. The Young people were able to learn community interviewing, editing and camera/ audio equipment. The film they produced was part of the exhibition at Hackney museum and as far as we know is still rolling!

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Common Conversations – A series of facilitated events

This was a series of events in collaboration with SNUG (Stoke Newington Common Users Group) and Hackney Museum. The events where designed and facilitated to develop conversations and inter-faith discussions.

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Participatory Appraisal (PA) Course

This was a course we ran for local people to gain a qualification in community research. The method is call ‘Participatory Appraisal’ and is an interactive, visual process that has the ability to involve people in a way that is much more informative and involved than general surveys. The course was run by a renown trainer who has trained many community members in this technique over the years. The group all passed 🙂

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Estate Parties and trips

Over the years the Boiler House charity have organisaed various estate parties and trips with residents from George Downing and Myddleton Grange. Residents have been involved in the design and delivery of the events and many have continued working with us on other projects and voluntary roles. These are always popular and really benefit local community relations.