Womens Only Zumbatone

December 10, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Henry Muss
020 8356 6326

Part of the Hackney ONE YOU get fit campaign providing classes across the borough for £2. A Body Conditioning class that aims to give you an all-round workout for your whole body. The class is filled with high energy exercises combining aerobics and toning in one class. We start off with some aerobics style cardio routines then move on to some more focused resistance work and floor work. We will make sure you are always exercising safely and effectively.
As you would expect from a total body workout, regularly attending our Body Conditioning classes we aim to deliver all-round benefits from head to toe. You will be better toned and physically fitter and you will probably feel just as good as you look too. We are not promising a complete transformation in a matter of weeks, but with a certain amount of effort and dedication you could certainly be well on the way towards a better body and healthier way of life!

4 comments on “Womens Only Zumbatone
  1. MARIYA BHAM says:

    Will this class be running next Monday?

  2. Ms Barker says:

    Hello, do you have to book to attemd. And what kind of fitness level should you have (I’m 57 so don’t want to overdo it) thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi, no need to book, just turn up and join in. All ages very welcome! You should be able to go at your own pace, so if you feel you are overdoing it, just sit out for one of two songs then re-join. Best wishes

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