We are The Boiler House

The Boiler House is a charity that manages community spaces

All of our income is invested back into our community.

Our Mission

Every step we take is driven by our guiding principle: Happier, healthier, connected communities.

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Our Story

The Boiler House Community Space was set up by two local residents eager to develop the under used community centre. They took over the building in 2010 and ran it as a Social enterprise, the organisation has since grown and now trades as a charity that currently manages two community buildings within estates in Hackney, offering various activities, courses, events, rehearsal space and general hire for the local community at affordable rates.

The charity also delivers various projects focusing on community engagement/ development with an aim to create happier and healthier communities.

The Boiler House is full of life

Every day of the week members of our community gather at The Boiler House to be part of a wealth of activities.


Community projects

People know the Boiler House mainly for our venues, offering an array of fantastic, affordable activities and a place to hire and meet. What people don’t often know is that we are a charity; all of our income goes back into the community, as well as supporting the running of the charity.

Over the past few years we’ve worked with residents, local organisations, and more.

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